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  • Leon Rosen

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    08/04/2023 at 14:06


    Software updates were done but the car still had issues to the point that this car was returned back to the factory and my lease has been terminated. My wife was afraid to drive it because it won’t start after going to the grocery store and we had to leave it in the parking lot.. The service folks are great but having to work on this car numerous (9) different times is problematic. The software is still a problem.

    I left a more detailed review about 7 weeks ago but the Vinfast moderator decided to “remove” it because they must of thought it was too critical. They need to understand if they are going offer up an owner’s forum, they can’t just decide on deleting non faltering comments. Censorship is not a cool thing in the US. Just because Vietnam is a communist country, not liking to read bad reviews is not the way to solve problems.

    I think Vinfast has most of the right pieces for the VF8 to make it a desirable car in the US against many of the new EV models coming to market; however, they have no brand name or loyalty and their positive automotive reviews are non-existent. Somebody at corporate needs to hire a PR agency that can counter attach the negative reviews along with fixing all of their production issues before the cars leave the factory and get delivered.

    Holding owner parties/get togethers is not the answer……