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  • Leon Rosen

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    05/24/2023 at 13:30

    We are into our first month of the 24 month lease of a VF8/plus/city edition. What a mess. As the writer from Motor Trend said in the title of the story “return to sender”. If it weren’t for the outstanding service dept folks who have now come out twice to fix it, I would have dropped off the car at their showroom in Irvine and given them the car back. This car wasn’t ready for delivery.

    The battery didn’t hold a charge. The rear brakes needed to be replaced. The electronics still don’t work correctly and the promised software update is supposed to fix it but it hasn’t come out yet.

    We left for a road trip last week from Laguna Beach to Paso Robles which is 253 miles. The car was fully charged to 100% and was showing a range of 266 miles. We knew it would not make it the entire distance without stopping for a rapid charge along the way so we planned a stop. Driving along the 101 just before Solvang which is a 178 miles, the range on the screen was showing 0% charge and less than 2 miles.

    We crossed out fingers, turned off the a/c and coasted into the nearest charging station which was only a level 2 charger. We had to wait over 30 minutes to get it up to 15 miles before we could drive into Solvang to a high speed, Electrify America charging station. There, after waiting another 40 minutes the car was showing a 100% level and again, a range of 266.

    This car can’t make it 266 miles PERIOD. VinFast is giving new meaning to “RA”—-range anxiety along with “CA”—-charging anxiety. We found numerous out of order charging stations along the way both level 2 and high speed.

    The so-called “City Edition” is a joke. We signed up for the full battery version which is supposedly now being delivered and they are telling us that it has a range of 243…….not sure I can believe that as well?! I want VinFast to take back this city edition and swap it out for a longer range car. We can’t use it for anything but local driving around town and just driving out to Palm Springs or Paso Robles again would be a stressful and painful experience.

    I know from other automotive writer reviews and other owners, what we are experiencing with this car is indicative of what other folks are experiencing. VinFast brought over 999 of these ill-conceived City Edition cars and there will be 999 very, very unhappy owners that could eventually bury VinFast in the retail, EV marketplace.