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  • Gabriel Rodriguez

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    05/15/2023 at 12:59

    As more reviews get published, I have yet to see any recent ones that are positive. Most touch on the poor suspension with too much “bouncy body motions” on the VF8. Unless Vinfast can tell me different and explain why, I don’t see how a software update can fix this. Not sure how many problems a software update can fix. While I had high hopes for Vinfast to succeed, my hopes have been deflated with all the negative reviews. I’m also concerned that Vinfast may not be around for 10 years to service their cars. If they can’t produce a quality car, no one will buy and it will be a huge financial drain for them to stay in the US.

    Another concern is if I purchased a car and months later Vinfast lowered the price due to a competitive environment, will Vinfast offer a rebate due to the drop in car value? Tesla SUV model Y is priced at $47,500, battery inclusive. This price was lowered multiple times.

    Lastly, on May 12, Vinfast posted on their website a press releases announcing the 2nd shipment arriving but only having a Certificated range of 264 for Eco and 243 for the Plus, much lower than expected. Press release also noted pricing for the Eco at 46K and $51,800 for the Plus. 3 days later and nothing has been updated on Vinfast website. These changes should be done when press releases are posted.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year ago by  Gabriel.