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  • Leon Rosen

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    05/13/2023 at 13:17

    In the past two days, the car reviews from Motor Trend and The Autopian are indicative of the same problems I have experienced with my recently delivered VF8. The Motor Trend headline says it all, “Return to Sender”. When you realize that VinFast has fired their top production folks in Vietnam and many of their administrative people in the US, it is a little disturbing and is reminiscent of the rats jumping the ship before it sinks.

    I have made numerous attempts to notify the sales department of the many same issues we are experiencing with this car and I have to compliment the LA based service team on their promptness and support to try and correct these issues. Many things in this car are still are working correctly and the supposedly pending software updates may or may not correct them. In the meantime, the numerous alarms/alerts keep going off.

    We’re only into our first month of the 24 month lease and I’m going to give VinFast another month to fix all these issues that should have never come over in the car from the factory in the first place. It’s clear their current PDI procedures were taken from the Yugo playbook.

    If the Motor Trend article is correct, those early adapters of this ill-conceived City Edition will be able to trade out for the “real car” I signed up for after the first year. I just wonder where the VinFast PR agency is?? Are they like the upper management and just hiding their heads in the sand and hoping this will just go over?

    As anyone in the car business knows, your best sales people are the current owners who will “proudly” show off their new car to their neighbors and friends. Frankly, I’m reluctant to show off this car……and as the MT writer said, return to sender.

    These quality issues can not be a surprise to the upper management of VinFast Automotive. Do they even bother to read these actual consumer reviews? Are the moderators of this forum told to not pass along any “bad news or reviews”?

    The early car reviews quoted above this reply are nothing more than fluff. My prediction is the 999 initial unwanted “City” models will either end up at the bottom of the ocean as reef protectors or in one of the automotive museums next to the Edsel, Yugo or Bricklin

    Sorry VinFast, I had to tell it like it is at this point………