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  • Suresh Kumar Guda

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    05/10/2023 at 10:20

    Hey VF9 staff, when will my VF9 order be delivered to me?

    I am from Atlanta, GA. I booked last year and it’s been almost a year and no response or update from you. Why the priority is just for California residents? Are CA residents paid/paying anything different than what we paid for the booking? The reason for stores and service centers is not well justified. I believe all other states in the US have well-qualified and equipped to provide service for EV cars. It’s no wonder that you are the first EV being launched in the US or in the world. There are other EVs available in the market and being used and serviced all over the US.

    Nothing was mentioned about this shipping/delivery discrimination when I booked it. This is ridiculous and very disappointed with the delivery strategy followed by VinFast.

    I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding the delay in the delivery of my VF9 who live outside California. Looking at your VinGroup history I have chosen your brand for its quality, performance, and reputation, I expected nothing but the best service and experience from your company. Unfortunately, the delay in the delivery of my car has tarnished that expectation and left me feeling dissatisfied and inconvenienced.

    Let me provide some background. I placed an order for my new car on 08/22/2022, and I was told that the delivery would be in the first quarter of 2023. I was excited to receive my car and made arrangements accordingly. However, as the delivery date approached, I did not receive any update or confirmation from your company. I had to call and email multiple times to get some information, but the answers I received were vague, inconsistent, and unsatisfactory. Finally, I have seen the above responses from your staff on delivery strategy.

    This delay has caused me significant inconvenience and frustration. I had to reschedule my work, transportation, and travel plans, and I had to pay extra expenses for rental cars and insurance. Moreover, I feel that your company has not communicated with me transparently and proactively throughout the process. I understand that production issues can happen, but I believe that your company should have informed me of any delay as soon as possible and provided me with regular updates and alternatives.

    Therefore, I urge your company to take the following actions to address my dissatisfaction and restore my trust in your brand:

    1. Provide a clear and detailed explanation of the reasons for the delay, including any steps your company is taking to prevent similar issues in the future.

    2. Offer a compensation or gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience and expenses that I have incurred due to the delay, such as a discount, a free service, or an upgrade.

    3. Improve your communication and customer service processes to ensure that customers receive timely and accurate information about their orders, including any changes or delays.

    I believe that these actions would not only benefit me but also your company’s reputation and customer loyalty. I hope that this experience can be a learning opportunity for both of us and aspiring VF9 customers.

    Thank you for your attention and consideration