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  • Leon Rosen

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    05/04/2023 at 14:23

    We’ve had our VF8 for about a week now. Like some of the other owners, we can’t get the car to charge completely. We’ve had to take it over to a high speed charger near my office and see if it will get more juice pushed into the batteries. The screen on the car went blank, i.e. dark the other day and nothing works when this happens. The turn signals don’t work; the charge port door doesn’t open; the back up camera doesn’t work……it’s almost like someone just pulled the plug on the car and it is very unsafe to drive when this happens.

    When the car was delivered, there was no placard or notifications on who to call in case of an emergency. Really a stupid oversight on VinFast’s part. When the screen is off, the access to the owner’s manual doesn’t exist. Had to call the showroom to get the service dept phone number. Of course, this all happened on the weekend and service was scheduled to come out on Monday morning which they did. Two very knowledgeable service guys came out and determined that the car was in much need of software updates but didn’t know when that was going to happen. The noise coming out of the rear of the car was because of faulty brakes—–the car is brand new and had fewer than 100 miles which, apparently, has happened to some of the other cars that have been delivered.

    New parts are being ordered but didn’t know when they would be available and once here, they would come out and bring a loaner car. In the meantime, the car is sitting in the car while VinFast tries and figures out how to correct all of the software and parts issues and I’m make lease payments on what could very well turn into another Yugo or Bricklin. I’m wondering if there is anyone at corporate who is in a decision making role who really understands how screwed up these first deliveries have been on this car??? Are they all driving Tesla’s because their Vinfasts aren’t ready to be on the road yet???

    I can’t wait for the JD Powers initial buyer’s survey to come out or the leading automotive press gets a hold of these cars.

    The fit and finish on the car is acceptable and the features are interesting (if they actually worked). Time will tell if they can get this car really working as promised. I guess it is good that California still has the Lemon Law in place because if we have to call service 3 or more times to come out and fix these same issues, the car is going back.