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  • Ramakrishna Gude

    40 VF Points
    05/04/2023 at 06:29

    Except the 10 year warranty the other features mentioned are nice to have features but not must for many. May be must have for a premium vehicles. When I looked at various online video reviews about cheap plastic material, I am not sure if VF comes under a premium quality. Driving experience, acceleration and handling – I would like to know from the actual owners who owns both Tesla & VF, because I bought Tesla Modal Y recently and am very happy with its overall performance and handling. I booked VF9 Plus and not expecting it in near future with the price tag that is within my budget range the way the current price range is set. If charging, mileage, lack of charging stations within reasonable distance, price for kwh, frequent warnings or troubles on the road are not well within the range comparable to other cars, no car can be called a reliable premium car. Pricing it as a primum car with all these shortcomings makes people think twice before even approach the car to take a look. Hope you guys consider these advices and set your pricing accordingly. You guys are no way near to compete with Tesla, or even Hyundai or Kia at this stage. Only way to start attracting people is set correct price, and focus on building infrastructure on the road for charging. And mileage is another major thing that people look at. I still want to keep my VF9 Plus reservation and plan to buy one if everything seems falling in place accordingly.