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  • Gabriel Rodriguez

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    05/01/2023 at 16:30

    To VF moderator,

    I think what others are asking is “will the subscription be available when the 2nd batch arrives and are ready for sale to pioneers?” This “subscription logistics” has been ongoing for months now and from what I’ve been told, it has to do with US Bank and VF. We not trying to be a pain, just looking for straight answers. How many months does it take to work this out? This should have been worked out before the end of 2022 when deliveries were initially expected to start.

    I would imagine a lot of pioneers can’t afford the upfront cost of the battery and were relying on the subscription model. This upfront cost adds more money to the cost of the car due to higher sales tax plus higher car payment due to a higher loan amount with high interest rates. I’m just thinking VF will lose sales if they don’t get it right. As it is, Tesla model Y is looking really good priced at $46,990, battery inclusive plus it qualifies for the 7.5K fed credit. I want VF to succeed and still hoping for a VF8 but VF needs to make changes, update their software, eliminate some of the issues customers are having and make the pricing competitive. If they can’t competitively sell their cars, they will end up with unsold cars with very limited revenue coming in. Just my thoughts.