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  • Scott Davis

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    04/28/2023 at 12:41

    I remember when I got my car I was messing with all the setting and stuff like a kid in a candy store. I got my car on a Wednesday or Thursday. On Saturday mid-day got the never ending warnings that all the safety features were pretty much messed up. I could still drive the car but none of the safety features would work. I called tech support or tried to guess what this was before they had a 24/7 support line lol. So if you didn’t need a tow they would try to put you thru to their tech team that would never pick up the phone. Then once it pass working hours guess what they not their on Sunday so you have to wait til Monday.

    The best way to reach someone is really thru the online chat system on the website.

    I did get a tech to come out on Tuesday fixed the car from all the warnings, replaced the 12V battery as my car pretty much died on Sunday from the car trying to continuously reboot or restart. Tech was nice told me my car was confused lol.

    Next I still get warnings off and on occassionally they pop on then go off. So I do not bother. HAd tech come this week for faints sounds in the rear of the car. Tech believed it to be the brake pads rubbing the rotors as it is a new car and im like well that does make sense but he put in a request for some new parts to have the pads replaced and maybe the rear rotors.

    Then was a heater issue where it will not get warm air thru the system unless putting it all the way up to 90. Tech did say he talked to the tech department and said that is a software setting that will be changed in the update (whenever that comes out) [I have had 1 update I am on FRS9.5.9.2] I have no idea what that was for as they did not leave any notes that can be viewed on the display or anywhere.

    I have had some issues charging but I just had to disconnect and reconnect and it worked on the Volta Free lvl 2 charging. I only use lvl 1 right now but plan on putting in a lvl 2 charger.

    I also have issues with all the settings keep getting reset and they said that will be fixed on a software update.