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    04/18/2023 at 12:43

    Hi Gabriel, this is a great question and a very valid concern. We appreciate your contribution to the community forum. It appears you have some specific questions related to your reservation. We have a Virtual Client Advisor reaching out to you to answer questions related to your reservation and future order. Hopefully, you’ve already connected by now. Additionally, we will attempt to answer your questions & concerns in a broader manner that will hopefully help other members of the community.

    • You are correct, initially, our plan was a ‘build to order’ strategy, meaning you make your color and trim selections and we build the car and ship it over. However, we have made an organizational change and shifted to a ‘matching’ strategy. Meaning, you make your color and trim selections and we will match them with available cars. While we can’t guarantee an exact match for all reservation holders with this system, so far we have had very few issues matching customers with their desired selections. This decision was made partially because VinFast EVs are so nicely packaged and most everything is included. There are very few choices to make or options to add. This allows us to move faster and bring our EVs to you with less delay. Additionally, we are prioritizing our earliest reservation holders such as yourself, to ensure you have the first choice in color and trim selections.
    • We apologize our email communication is ending up in your junk mail, we are aware of this problem and working on multiple solutions to ensure our communications reach our customers. Thank you for letting us know we still have work to do.

    We hope this provides some context and clarity to the shift in order/delivery strategy. Thank you again for being a valued VinFirst Pioneer.