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  • Gabriel Rodriguez

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    01/26/2023 at 09:15

    As a pioneer, I was told by Vinfast via email I would receive the car under the original terms including subscription pricing which I am fine with. If they lowered the cost with battery inclusive, that would be a plus.

    My 2 biggest concerns are getting a decent test drive and the car receiving a 5*safety rating. Vinfast hasn’t make it easy to schedule test drives and I’m not talking about a short test drives offered at car shows. I’ve reach out to Vinfast for months now asking when the safety ratings would be out and all I receive is “they will be published soon”. I’ve been losing trust with Vinfast as they lack their promised communication with their members and they haven’t been transparent with changes over the past year. At this point my biggest reason for hanging on to hope is their 10 yr bumper to bumper warranty. I’m hoping materials and workmanship will be covered as I’ve heard on videos that some parts of the interior feel cheap plus they changed the plus from leather seats to Vegan leather, which aren’t as durable. I’ve reached out to Vinfast inquiring if the seats are covered should they fall apart during the warranty period and have yet to receive a straight answer. Would welcome any feedback from Vinfast.