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  • Leon Rosen

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    01/18/2023 at 13:34

    What started out back in early 2021 when VinFast first was being introduced, has completed changed from the initial specs, hype and features. Not only is the constant price adjustments causing a lot anxiety amount the early adopters, the missed delivery dates reminds me of the chicken little screaming the sky is falling. I won’t believe it until they actually tell me my VF8 is on the ground and I can touch and feel it!

    Even then, depending on how they structure the lease or buy package, it’s going to require a lot of financial analysis. If they offer a viable lease option, the real question is going to be how they set the residual value on the car and if it falls short, who is going to take the financial hit? This car has no used car market experience in the US. It could go the way of the Yugo and just become a door stop after it has been crushed.

    It seems like every week another established manufacturer is introducing a new EV and/or EV-hybrid car which is equal to or more competitive than the current specs of the VF8. Just look at the new Acura EV or the Hyundai 6. Even Tesla is hurting and offering their new Y models at lower prices than VinFast is now telling us they will be offering.

    To many choices coming onto the market and Vinfast will not be as an attractive a deal……..the longer they wait to bring in the big boy VF8, the more customers they will see go over the other side!

    As I always like to say, “money talks and *** walks”……..