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  • Ramakrishna Gude

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    01/18/2023 at 06:38

    Based on current customer reviews, quality of VF8 so far is far below of Tesla Model Y. Tesla Model Y long range 330 miles – now selling at around 54K (on the top you get 7,500 tax credit if you get it deliver before March ’23. Can VinFast VF8 beat that price and comes within the price range (40k-45k) with battery? I doubt they do that. Also seeing slowly people loosing interest even in posting their views in this forum looking at the last two weeks updates. The major big mistake VinFast did is bringing 1000 CE vehicles of 170 miles range first to US, when people are expecting their VF8s getting delivered. I guess the management is totally clueless. Not sure how many of those CEs got leased or sold so far, or they are using them just demo purpose. @vinfast response appreciated.

    Also they should not be doing test drive on that small distance laid out track. It looks like a driving test rather than test drive. Going at 20, 30 miles for less than 5 minutes – who will get any good impression?

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