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  • Dustin Ingalls

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    01/13/2023 at 11:36

    Just checked, and you’re basically right. The VF8 is 17 inches longer, 6 inches wider, and 2 inches taller than the Bolt EUV. The EUV is only 7 inches longer than its baby hatchback cousin, the regular Bolt EV. But the EUV does have over 16 cubic ft of rear cargo, almost 57 when the back seats are down. Can’t find specs for VF8, but that CES YouTube review didn’t seem impressed.

    Basically I want a strong EV ASAP. This will have strong trade-in value if I find something even better down the line. Tired of spending on gas and spewing carbon.

    I put down my VF8 deposit last April, and at that time I thought by this time of year I’d have solid news about my own car’s delivery toward the end of spring or early summer, and that it would be a dynamite competitor with everything else on the market. Other than price, that doesn’t seem to be the case from early reviews. If that changes, I can always go back to VinFast. Just will lose my Pioneer perks. Oh well.