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  • Geoff Roemerman

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    01/13/2023 at 08:06

    Especially since Tesla drastically cut prices this week… I think you can get a Model Y for mid 50’s. 330+ mile range, and qualifies for the $7500 rebate in the US (I think, not a tax professional). That brings the effective price to the high $40’s for better range, a nationwide charging and repair network, and immediate availability. Very few people are going to pay $10k more for a VinFast with lower range, higher 0-60 time, less refined features, and no network outside of California. I really hope VinFast realizes the VF6-8’s, have a ton of competition, and their uniqueness to most buyers lies in the VF9. (even that price is too high, but it’s at least reasonable as there isn’t a real economy 3 row EV)