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  • Rolando HERNANDEZ

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    01/10/2023 at 19:45

    I do like his reviews, I can honestly say I have learned a lot about Evs from his reviews. He did say he had low expectations from the beginning so he was prepared to dig in. He said he was driving the 87kw battery Vinfast and it showed a range of 268 miles on 98% charge. Promising seeing that these test drive vehicles get driven constantly and hard. The “City Edition” has the smaller battery pack. Also no trajectory on reverse camera, as well as NO ADAS. I believe he is driving a pre production unit. Some tweaks to software can improve the Torque and acceleration and UI. It runs Android. I’m with him on those door handles as well. I remember how i use to talk about Tesla and i got the same reaction “what are you talking about? An electric car, no way is it going to compete with major players in the car industry” My test drive I heard no rattling and the seats were very comfortable for me.