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  • Shawn R.

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    01/05/2023 at 17:24

    I bet you its a legal thing, it was always a wonder to me how the insurance was going to work. If an accident does happen it would likely be hard for the insurance company to give a valuation of the vehicle. I would think a car without a battery would have minimal value just like an ICE without its engine. I could imagine the back a forth the insurance company and Vinfast would have, the insurance company would not want to fix a car when the battery doesn’t belong to there insured or they would ask Vinfast to remove the battery before they would fix and I’m sure Vinfast wouldn’t want to replace a battery everytime there is a fender bender. It could also be that they just want to wait until the version 2 batteries are ready for showtime. If they are getting rid of the battery subscription they better not try to tack on 15k for the battery there is a big differance between 48k and 63k. I could see paying an extra 5k but anything over that I’ll just get an EV6.