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  • Scott Hale

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    01/05/2023 at 16:36

    It is odd. There were several groups that went to Vietnam and a more than a few youtubers uploaded very very positive reviews during the summer. Brand name youtubers; ones I trust before they went. Then the negative ones came out months AFTER the trips. Odd. But yes, even I can see vinfast is really great at logistics for the events and using other vingroup properties to ‘show off’ the group and not really vinfast.

    The entire CE trim is a dud. They ONLY did it, as you stated, to meet the YE delivery statements they were making. Just the range was bad enough, but then they removed the battery subscription option. That killed it for me otherwise I would have been ok(ish) buying the CE (not leasing) with a battery subscription. Oh well.

    The positive energy sure has evaporated and now some of us are quite worried. Glad it was only $200…..

    An update on the VF8: now word is they will arrive late first quarter beginning 2nd. That is already a slip from a few weeks ago. 🙁

    Wouldn’t be quite so bad if vinfast communicated with the reservation holders more often (here?).