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  • Scott Hale

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    01/03/2023 at 17:32

    I discount the Vietnam owner numbers going up. That is a different vehicle. I prefer to concentrate what comes to the US. I also put more stock into reviewers I trusted before they went to Vietnam for the all paid for lux vacation. Most of them were 100% positive. Even if taken with a grain of salt and the fact they were earlier production builds. I found no deal breakers in my test drive/drive along event. I mean, besides the ugliest gear selection knobs EVER.

    I’m with you on CE. I feel that trim was a complete mistake that they knew about prior to the 999 being aboard the ship. Way in advance. They knew, and they punted with no communication. Big mistake I think. And that mistake was compounded by removing the battery lease & then even the ownership (just a horrid 2 year lease plan). Yikes.

    And you are right: almost every other EV in this group looks like an EV and looks better. I’m kinda ok the VF8 looks like an ICE model (well it is: ICE design converted to EV).

    I was drawn to vinfast due to the discount and perks and the fact they are ‘new’. I missed the boat on Tesla because wasn’t ready for a new car as current one was just fine and I like to pay off vehicles before diving into a new one. Plus, I tend to be on the bleeding edge anyway.

    For me every other option would be thousands more expensive. Way past when I can reason to buy a new car. I do have some back up options: IONIQ 5, Chevy Blazer & EV6 GT Line. All would be more expensive, tho…..Looked at the Fisker, but that one is way way way way too expensive once you add options/packages.

    For now longer I wait, the better: no auto loan payment. Current Acura RDX is just fine and really I wish the dope who runs Honda/Acura did not stick their head into the sand EV wise. I’d jump on an Acura EV very quickly. Oh well, their loss.