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  • Geoff Roemerman

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    01/03/2023 at 14:17

    I’m right there with you Scott. I’ve grown very disappointed with the lack of clarity from Vinfast, the constant missteps, the excuse of “we’re very new and trying to move fast”, and the lack of delivering on what’s promised. Every time I feel like cancelling my reservation, I have to remind myself when I reserved this that I did it for a reason. I have a growing family, and the VF9 is as close to perfect on paper as anything else I’ve seen. It’s the only real replacement for my PHEV Pacifica van in a price range I can rationalize, with a delivery date that’s somewhat tangible. Even if a competitor launches a 3 row alternative, what’s the chance I can get one without paying 20k over asking, or waiting in a que for over a year like I did with my wife’s ID.4? I even told myself in the beginning that I’d be over the moon excited if they actually delivered the VF9 in 2023, knowing full well that the 2022 promise had almost 0 chance of happening. I’m keeping my reservation, but I become less of an advocate, and more of a pessimist with every passing month.