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  • Scott Hale

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    12/31/2022 at 16:47

    I’ve been told a couple times 1st quarter 2023 for the next batch. Since it takes nearly a month to get here, I’m guessing it won’t be until late Feb/March. What they won’t say is if it will be the CE trim again. And I’ve pressed them on that question.

    Pretty sure they are assembling them currently. It took them a couple months to get to 999. Very doubtful they are shortshifting to delay things or create demand. With maybe 65k reservations, they have plenty of possible demand. I suspect, tho, that after CE a bunch asked for their deposit back; those that could, that is.

    I’ll be relieved if the CE dies at 999. Or less worried after reading all the trolls on reddit speculating vinfast will declare bankruptcy soon; or the IPO is a scam etc.