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  • Scott Hale

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    12/22/2022 at 15:53

    oh boy. they scrubbed some more very recently. It was still in the drop down menu and in the FAQs. Now gone from those areas. Yikes. They kill the battery subscription for everybody, I’m out.

    Decided to try the ‘instant chat’ feature and got this:

    Brandon (12/22/2022, 3:54:39 PM): Hello! Welcome to VinFast instant chat. My name is Brandon, how may I help you?
    Scott (12/22/2022, 3:55:01 PM): has the battery lease option been removed? it’s been scrubbed from the website.
    Brandon (12/22/2022, 3:56:19 PM): Hi Scott, I know that the battery leasing option has not been removed completely
    Brandon (12/22/2022, 3:56:46 PM): the reason we took it down because we are still under operation to get that option going, and we will get it back on when it is ready
    Scott (12/22/2022, 3:57:03 PM): ah, ok. was a bit worried.
    Brandon (12/22/2022, 3:58:19 PM): I understand sir, at this time from what I know, there has not been any notification about removing that option. We are still finalizing our sale plan for that at the moment
    Brandon (12/22/2022, 3:58:39 PM): If there are any changes, we will definitely send out a press release

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