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  • Scott Hale

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    12/21/2022 at 12:56

    You can be dishonest and not actually be ‘lying’ a word I didn’t use, btw. One of the ‘perks’ vinfast said came with being a vinfirst(er) is we’d get, in advance, communication ie before journalists or we stumbled across on the website. That has not happened……..at all….so far.

    Look at the facts: they knew before November that the first 999 would not be even close to what they said were the ‘targets’. Not even in the ballpark. In fact, they knew shortly after producing the first of the 999. What did they decide to do? Send an email about an offer to buy a trim we had not heard of and to this day is not on the website. And, btw, range might be 180 (on this they were close they are 179). AND we decided to remove the battery lease, but here’s a few grand off a price that is high for a 179 mile range vehicle.

    I call that being dishonest and ‘hiding’ the details. What could have been the right way? Telling us the before they shipped; explaining why the battery lease was not available. Simple. Now they have a PR mess.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m sticking with my reservation turned to order. The overall deal is still hard to beat by competitors. Longer I wait, is the longer I don’t have a car payment. Another benefit. BUT the communication has to improve to avoid future PR whoopes.