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  • Geoff Roemerman

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    12/20/2022 at 13:35

    I think you hit the nail on the head. My guess is that the EPA range came in significantly lower than they were hoping for, and they had to spin it to buy themselves time while they figured out what to do next. That would also explain some of the ridiculous decisions they stated at their events, like limiting acceleration to conserve power when the battery is under 80%. (trying to squeak out every last mile to save face) I hope we’re wrong, and the battery is different, and the range estimates came off their site due to some marketing regulatory advertising issues, but the lack of communication from Vinfast makes me a.s.sume the worst. (had to spell a.s.sume to get past the naughty language filter) The lack of Vinfast addressing posts like these, and just their overall lack of acknowledging a lot of customer concerns is also really disappointing. I think they realize they have a car that’s no longer attractive to the NA market or the people they presold a vehicle to, and they’re panicking. (Again, hope I’m wrong, I really want an extended range VF9 with over 300 miles range)