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  • Anthony Johnson

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    12/19/2022 at 11:35

    I’m taking a flier on the City Edition but originally I’m a day one Jan 6 VF-9 extended edition. EPA of 180 isn’t as big of a concern as long as battery size is same (87kwhr) 82 usable as Vietnam. Pricing is 49k (eco) after vinfirst vouchers and after CA rebate of 2k and 7.5k fed total should be 40k out the door.

    All competitors

    ID4 AWD 181″ 54k MSRP, 82 kwh

    Nissan Ariya 182″ is 52k MSRP, 82 kwh

    Toyota BZ4X 185″ 48K MSRP, 71kwh

    Tesla model Y 187″ 61k, 75kwh; with 3750 incentive and 10k mile free supercharger bonus

    Kia EV6 AWD 184″ 53K 77kwh

    Ioniq 5 AWD 183″ 51K 77kWh

    Ford mustang Mach E 186″ 50k 68kWh