Smart Features on VinFast EVs

Driven by a “customer-first” philosophy, VinFast is constantly innovating to serve the needs of its drivers. The company’s EVs are not merely sustainable transportation, but also a tool which can help drivers work, shop, connect and take care of their homes—all while keeping them safe on the road. Their smart features are designed to be intuitive so users can enjoy an exciting, technology-enabled commute.

Smart Services.

VinFast EVs can be equipped with the company’s’ ‘Smart Services’ package, along with features for controlling and interacting with the vehicle through voice and remote vehicle control, which can be accessed via the VinFast app. 

The package also includes other impressive high-quality user experiences, such as online shopping and video games that synchronize with your phone. VinFast EV’s will manage each user’s profile and provide recommendations tailored to their individual tastes and habits through facial recognition, voice, gestures, and other controls. VinFast allows users to remotely update car software via mobile phones, with two options: free FOTA updates and paid SOTA updates. This feature helps upgrade the vehicle’s tasks and utilities, fix errors, and improve the vehicle’s data security.

VinFast EV’s have two built-in voice and touch screen functions. They can understand English (regardless of regional accents) and respond to user requests quickly. The second way to access smart services is to use the VinFast app on your smartphone. This allows you to easily connect and control all car functions (although it comes with a small learning curve).

Alexa Integration

The VF 8 and VF 9 will offer seamless integration with Alexa for hands-free access to music, news, navigation, traffic updates, smart home control, and more than 130,000 Alexa Skills. The collaboration with Amazon will integrate Alexa services into the VF 8 and VF 9 all-electric SUVs, making every drive more productive, convenient, and entertaining.

The Alexa in-vehicle experience is designed to be an extension of the Alexa experience at home, including much of what customers already know and love about Alexa—plus automotive-specific functionality including car control, navigation, and other skills that are designed for on-the-go, such as finding parking. 

By simply asking Alexa, VinFast customers can control vehicle functions including interior lighting, seat heaters, cabin temperature, music, audiobooks, getting directions, checking traffic, managing their smart home devices, and more—all while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Over time, new features and capabilities will be delivered seamlessly through over-the-air software updates.

Battery and charging assistance

With only an internet-connected phone, VinFast owners can monitor all of the vehicle’s operating parameters, particularly the battery capacity. This enables owners to find chargers that fit their charging needs and provides them with information about tariffs, how to navigate to the charger of their choice and all supported features, including priority charging. 


VinFast EV drivers will enjoy a rich and embedded experience that includes online and offline search and routing, traffic information, active lane assistance, and turn-by-turn voice guidance that allows drivers to stay focused while driving. 

VinFast EVs offer drivers peace of mind by providing multi-stop route planning based on the car’s charge, as well as the automatic addition of charging stops should drivers decide to re-route. VinFast can update and upgrade its navigation offerings with new features and services throughout the vehicle’s life cycle. The benefit of doing so includes lowering costs and improving scalability, allowing VinFast to deliver a unique In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) system and having an edge over its competition.  

Safety & Security

One of the preeminent safety features equipped on VinFast EVs is remote car intrusion warning. The intrusion detection sensor system will send information to the VinFast App installed on the vehicle owner’s smartphone. VinFast owners can receive panoramic images through 360-degree surveillance cameras and disable the steering system by phone.